How do you deal with stress?

How do you deal with stress

What are the ways to deal with stress?

My answer : I find meditation a great way for making me in a calm state. What about you friends?

First time I have posted like this. Let’s see how many of you guys are gets interacting with this topic.


Taking breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories.

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sometimes by sleeping, or watching Anime or Netflix


going outside, spending time with nature.

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I watch porn.Just kidding :point_right: :ok_hand:
Anyway, I listened to my favorite music, doing chores, and eat healthy foods. :kiss:


Tht’s called Honesty, Love you bro :smile:

“You don’t deal with it, you live with it, Remeber that” :star:

Always channel energy to stress in a positive way,
When all run away from it, you turn around and face it, no matter the challenge :+1:


But when trying to find a good watch, stress again kicks in.:sweat_smile:.


I don’t deal with it :sweat_smile: Just hope it somehow goes away :upside_down_face: If my brain feels like its about to explode from all the things I have to do(aka stressors)…I just add more :sweat_smile:


Yeah, but I do have some good things to watch as I don’t often do,:sweat_smile: I always keep good/best things to watch later rather than watching them early as its name spread out. I haven’t watched (game of thrones ) yet, Peaky blinders, also in anime One-piece, fairy tail, and so many more, I’m keeping them for later to watch.

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