How do i get a premium account or bypass download quota?

I want to download a big file from but the download quota exceeds. How do we get a premium account or at least bypass the download quota?

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I also want to know this case :smiley:

use megabasterd and use proxy option in megabasterd for unlimited, or use megabasterd in RDP for download from mega without using your own bandwidth
link for megabasterd

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Can you elaborate it further more. I mean to say how to do that step by step.


only 3gb / ip allowed

use Mirror groups on telegram to convert mega links to gdrive and download unlimited
two such groups are

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Use this topic to get related info on your problem

Thank you. I appreciate - this link source not available

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Use this script Instead - Ghostbin

Note: Only bypasses limit when there’s free space available. It would still show storage space full dialog box. Transfer it to another account within a month.


Use vpn and download via mega sync. every time quota expires change your location.

I see few people are suggesting megabestard here, that tool will miss a lot of files while downloading especially you are downloading large junk of files.


link is deleted, please share an alternate source…thank you