How Did I Find FREESOFF. This Amazing Website

I was on Twitter the other day and a guy I follow, was telling his followers not to bother buying his course as it would soon be 10 times cheaper - if people wanted it right now, he suggested they get a pirated copy! Then he shared a screenshot of a Google search and freesoff was top of the search (see attached screenshot).

I practically live on the internet so I’m surprised I’ve never come across freesoff before.

This is an amazing platform / community! :blush:


Welcome to the party pal.

Don’t forget to participate in discussion every now and then to avoid loosing your account :slight_smile:

Check out the Giveaway and Freebies Categoriy for frequent contests and free stuff.
Hot Deals can be found in the Buying and Selling Category.

Enjoy your stay.


:grin: well. What do you expect. Everywhere on the internet has a dark side. We love free course, because we can’t afford to buy it.

I love this site too, freesoff means a lot to me. :heart_eyes::purple_heart::confetti_ball::tada:


Thank you, I’ll definitely be on here regularly - and comment/like of course!


this is what internet deserve

Thank you freesoff this website has given me so much value for free it’s always my place to go when searching for valuable information apart from youtube

Found it by sheer luck. Was googling for free disk space and it directed me to one of the posts for Gdrive downloads :slight_smile:

After browsing the forum for a few days, i made my choice.

I finally joined FREESOFF on the eve of Christmas (December 24, 2020), and after almost 2 years with this amazing community, this is where I am right now


Hell yeah, I’ve had many posts flagged, rejected and deleted too :slight_smile:

I made my first request in 2021 and it was rejected :frowning: Sheesh.

Let’s face it, FREESOFF a bit different from the others out there. Anyone can post links (very few their own). The quality of shares, the replies and content for others to review is what sets up a set above the rest.


@sibijay Bro see for this guy also @harish_g

Look what I found today