How Can I remove a bad news article about someone from Google search results page(Mainly First Page)?

Could you help me or guide me to remove a bad news article about one of my friends from Google SERP mainly from the first page. We tried to contact the news publication they are asking for a hefty amount which is not at all possible from a financial standpoint. Any help in the right direction will be appreciated.

I guess report the page to google and give the reason

It take a while, but it does the job.

Also while some do suggest the use of robots.txt file on your website, its not suggested.

It basically comes down to where the individual involved, is residing. Generally, you can ask Google (or anyone in that regard) to take down information if it is found to be falsified and is in turn causing irreparable damage. However, if the context is found to be factual and true in the way it has been reported, I don’t think you can do much about it.

You can still try to get a court order to issue a take down. In such cases, it must be directed towards the outlet from which the news has been originated. Generally, companies don’t like to deal when it’s coming from the courts and thereby you can actually get the job done with very little effort.

I would like to add that I am not a legal advisor and this comment too, isn’t one. Based on what I know, I have just shared my opinion.

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