How can I download any Udemy course in 1080p ?

I have been looking for methods to download Udemy courses in 1080p but didn’t able to find a good one, I know some of the methods like torrents, coupons and even tried Udemy downloader but all of those methods only provide 720p quality. what I’m looking for is to download any entire course in 1080p ( which I haven’t enrolled in )

If you know any of the trick or method which can give a proper solution to this then It would be very helpful for me and also this community

There is no way to download udemy courses in your desired resolution unless you have enrolled for it. If you have enough time , go through every pirated course and find your desired resolution. I dont think Its that neccessary to have 1080 p resolutiom, for a course that you genuinely want to learn from.

You can try Udeler. But you have to be enrolled to the course to be able to download the entire course. I believe it is possible to download at 1080p resolution with Udeler but I personally haven’t tried it. I think it’s unnecessary to download 1080p if you’re just going to watch on a laptop or a standard PC monitor. 720p is clear enough and take less space in hard drives.

I totally understand what you are saying but I do have observed that the course which I want to learn ( which I’ve already downloaded from the pirate site in 720p ) but when I saw those courses’ sample in udemy which instructors provide for you to see some content having 1080p resolution which makes soo much difference if you observe but again it’s just my POV, we can learn a same exact thing from 720p too but I was just curious to know if there is any website or tools to download without enrolling

yes I agreed, thank you for replying

yes please tell how to download udemy courses as torrents are not seeded i am unable to find even some popular courses

I tried to download 1080p enrolled course videos with Udeler , it’s just 720p

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Ok, thanks for verifying that. :slight_smile:

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