High CPU usage with Invideo Editor

Anyone have this issue: whenver I open invideo editor, there’s very high cpu usage. Since, it’s on the cloud, it shouldn’t use too much of local CPU.

I haven’t used invideo much but I don’t think I had this problem before.

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Hi @10zen
Same problem here, I have an old DEll Alienware second generation I7 16gb and I couldn’t use Invideo yesterday, and I was just opening old jobs.

same problem, also it lags very much

I don’t use Invideo, but i would guess some possibilities:

  • A tool being online doesn’t mean that the local computer won’t be used for some more intensive processes. Seem contradictory but this is a very common thing with online tools.

  • Simple overall bad site performance is also very common unfortunately even if it hasn’t anything to do with editing video in this case. I have seen some cases that look more like a horror movie than anything else.

  • Adverts! They and analytics tools (looking at you google analytics) are probably one of the main reasons for bad performance like hight CPU usage.

  • High CPU usage is also a normal symptom of a hidden Crypto miners working on the background.

  • And many more.

I took a quick look at the website and already on the main page https://invideo.io/, without login or using any video editing the CPU is much more high than it should reasonably be.
A quick look at it leads me to conclude that it is mainly because of their chat service (livechatinc.com). If you block it, the CPU usage goes down immediately.

It is probably not just one of those factors. One would have to profile it with patience, but that is the work of the Invideo people.
I would suggest to try their support and if they can help.


They have that chathead inside editor too. Don’t understand the logic behind including that chat service icon inside editor page.

Damn, the editor lags so much, it’s completely unusable.

I understand some CPU usage, but it uses almost all of my CPU. That has never happened for any online service.

They probably got too many users, especially with team accounts.

I also got account from seller here. So, I don’t know if it’s alright to contact their support.

Yes, it;s completely unusable. It tests your patience very much.
CPU usage jumps through roof once you are inside editing page.

Same here. I was just trying to see and edit the old project. Haven’t used the service in a long time. It’s so slow that I don’t want to try anything.

Let’s contact support and ask for explanation why this is happening.

do you use free version?

no, the team sub account brought from here.

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just contact the support. i always do that even though i also bought the account here

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Support told me I needed more RAM or high speed internet. But there’s no answer to high CPU usage at all. If anything, it should be more RAM usage but it just somehow use more CPU.

I tried free account on wave video, I can just edit and render video fine in it.

Hi @10zen
People from Invideo lie to you, I have same problem here and I have an Internet 500mb, notebook I7 16mb my hd is SSD and does not work.

Have you talked to the support? There’s a chat head icon, you can chat live with the support.
See what answer they give you.

I am guessing that they have too many users and somehow putting too much resource burden on their server. Even if so, using local CPU doesn’t make any sense at all. So, it should be a kind of bug.