Help with a free working web mail that allows customized email

Please let someone help me with a directive how I can own my free customised email.

So for buisness, google offer’s email: See more here
Other methods:

Use this method to get microsoft 365 for free and then create buisness email:


You could try method above or you could use cloudflare customized email.


Ok thank you fam, I have read the options they require payments. That fine

Microssoft 365 method is free tho.

Hi @Agent_XI I have Office365 above but how to create business email from there? Could you or anyone elaborate how the process? Thanks in advance :pray:

So if you have Outlook, You can create buisness email by following these steps:

Select Outlook > Preferences > Account
Click the plus (+) sign > New Account.
Type your email address > Continue.
Type your password > Add Account.

(The above information was taken from But this was only for educational purposes.)

Alternatively, If you want to create a buisness email for a website, Then you will surely need a domain e.g. Some hosts provide domain for 6 - 12 months for free.


Thanks, I think I have to configure my sandbox earlier when I created Microsoft 365 Developer to use my own domain. All good :+1: :slight_smile:

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