[HELP] To secure 100TB Courses

Help me to win the unlimited traffic service of Multicloud to transfer 100TB+ Courses!

Click on the below link, after succesful sign up by large group of people, I stand a chance to get Premium Multicloud Account.

It will help me to accumulate all the MEGA storage into one safe account. As you know, MEGA Links have copyright policy, even if i go through all the process of creating new links, it will take a hugh toll on me again, once links are expired. Finger crosses

Another shortcut method is that, if anyone has Multicloud unlimited premium account, please lend me for few hours. You will have your account back, as secure as it was before. Thank you

The Affiliate link:


I dont have to say this but after securing, I will share one single link that will contain 100TB Courses.


i am waiting !!!


I have registered using this code


Im already registered

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do i need to sign up

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How will you overcome 5gb transfer limit in mega? Do you have a mega premium account?

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Typical use of VPN :slight_smile:

As of now, only 6 people have joined multicloud with this link. It will be a long journey.

Multicloud dont offer monthy subscription.
I can’t afford to pay 120$ for this.

I wish someone lend me the access of premium account for few hours



bro can we join it with numerous temp mail


Yes bro, you need just any random email to verify. No phone numbers, no catch :slight_smile:

Registered using your link :slightly_smiling_face:

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done from my side buddy

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one more thing, saadhanam kayil undooo … are you a malayali ?..i saw gods own country…

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Please send me the link

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how many sign up do you need for that?

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how many registration do you need? we can spam if possible.

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it may require almost 34000 or above 1000 …i saw it in their website…

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There are numerous other people’s useful posts that have been buried due to inactivity or unneeded comments on posts like this. It is a sincere request not to make unnecessary comments. It appears to be an unwarranted attempt at attention seeking. It repeatedly spams the main feed. If your query is genuine, you are more than welcome to submit it.

However, I believe there should be no further questions, as I have already explained the post’s purpose.

It’s all about an invite link from which each new account created will receive an additional 2GB of ‘transfer traffic,’ and I’ll be one step closer to receiving a free upgrade. When multicloud determines that I have brought a significant number of visitors to their site, they will upgrade it.
I’ll transfer and share it here once it’s upgraded. There should be no room for doubt. Many thanks :slight_smile: :heart:


I registered from the given link

I have signed up waiting for your link