[HELP] Need a .edu account specifically Github Student Developer Pack

Hey guys, thanks for being such a helpful community. I am looking for a method to create .edu email account or specifically github student developer account. I have tried almost everything on youtube and google but no success so far. So if anyone can help please? Really looking forward to the help.


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try this, some may work

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I got student developer pack without .edu email. You just need valid documents like bonafide certificate from college.

Dont try to fake it(fake mail, fake univ etc), all tricks are patched as far I know
Apply legally in their website.

  1. Upload valid documents(ID, Bonafide etc) to make them believe you’re legit.
  2. Then write reason why you need it and how you use it.
  3. Get LOR to speed up things.
  4. Can take few weeks for response.
  5. Get .edu mail from your university. You can request for it.
  6. Usually takes few days/ hours.

Even if you did manage to get the developer pack, its most likely to get banned soon (it did happened to me).
The best way would be to get help from your any kids you know, who doesnt want/use these goodies (say someone studying humanities or something)

I can help you to get GitHub developer pack , pm me

Hey thanks for the link. I tried but none works :slight_smile: great share though.

Can you share the method please? Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Kindly check I have PMed you :slight_smile:

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In india, you can issue a bonafide certificate from college which proves you are a student, and you can attach it in the github form.

It worked for me without any issue.