[Help Mega Query] Need to extract resources

My Mega business account has expired. Resources got stuck there. I am not able to download or share them. Please help…

upgrade it or create a new business account and transfer files

I am not able to download from my expired business account. Please tell, how will I transfer files to the new business account.

Have you contacted their customer support? They are there to help their customers, no?

Support is saying to purchase it, then do whatever you want. But I sure there must be a way, without purchasing.

The only question in my mind is, why did you purchase a new business account, when you could have re-activated your old account and saved yourself the trouble.

If there is a cancellation period, then maybe you can cancel your new account, get a refund, and use that money to activate your old account. Either this, or maybe I am not getting the complete picture here.

Hope someone comes up with a working solution for you.

Thanks for the deep lookup. Actually, I hadn’t purchased either of them. I had two mega business invitation. I used one of them and saved the later. The former has expired now and it is not allowing me to download my files until I reactivate the business account.

use tamper monkey script to import into another mega drive

Share the mega link let see what community can do. I might also try to download and submit the files to you.

Now it’s stuck.

You can do the payment and then cancel the subscription midway maybe they will refund you.

dm me i could help u

@Shubhranka_Varma dm him, he can help you. and then share the resources with the community here :joy: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Complete 19TB is for community. Just need to extract it. :sweat_smile:

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nothing will work bro, I had 27TB in one account and 50TB in another account and accounts expired, I made an important data backup that I can learn in the next 6 months and no use of anything now u cant download from it (there is no way) just learn. what I learned after my accounts expire is just starting learning on the spot and stop being a script kiddle bot. just go and take a course and start to learn and 19TB data will u complete that in 1 year … absolutely no . that is like greed having more and more … it won’t stop till u got ******* up . and u said 19TB is for the community just need to extract, we are not stupids to believe those words, if that 19TB is really for the community u could have shared that data at least a single link as of now i.e before and u joined a long time ago and didn’t share a single link and now u are telling all those stuff is for the community. and u may ask u too didn’t share a link, yes I didn’t almost all the data I got is from this forum and I just used the free business account to make it all in one place (just for my satisfaction), if u go down u can find them and I gave one of my accounts to @ newheremantor [nice guy, I don’t know where he find that stuff some are very helpful ] to him see his post he aggregated awesome stuff and he shared them too, u can see similar data of urs there or just go down the forum and spend time u can find all ur data back

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Thanks for the nearly satisfied reply. I have stopped throwing my time on it. I felt weird reading that “we are not stupids to believe that” actually, the 19TB is all that the community has given; yes, I didn’t share anything yet. It’s not because I don’t want to; it’s just I didn’t find anything better than this community is having. I said that “Complete 19TB is for the community” because I started gathering good resources for any needy one. I am learning because of our community, and community is for sharing, and if I had those resources, I would have shared them.

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wow pluralas you have 27 TB, could you share the link to me so I can learn also. thanks