HELP! MEGA account unlock

hey i stuck, please help me how can i access the link.

whats in the files you have imported ??

what is the workaround for this?

Only Option Is To ‘‘Upgrade One Month’’ And transfer important Data to ‘‘Google Drives’’ .

what fastest transfer method from mega to drive?

Use RDP. That’s the fastest. Speed depends purely on what RDP you’re using. Or use Multicloud. Or RClone.

how to do that please provide tuotorial brother

Create another mega account and imported them in the another account.

You can use fake email

Not after 3 warnings. You can’t access the contents to Import. There’s no workaround. Mega’s policy changed from 3 months of time allowance to 1 month. After that the only way is to Upgrade and transfer.

Can’t really give a tutorial for RDP. I would suggest you use
If you’re asking for Rclone tutorials, check this for more

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psiphone bro i am facing the same issue i have applied ai course with me can you help me in importing it into your account

From Mega to Mega? If you get the same warning as in post I can’t help. But if you just wante to import from a working account, DM me the sharable link.

no bro its not there but can you share me applied ai course then i will download it into my desktop


using mega business voucher, create new account with voucher, add your blocked mega account mail as team

Apply for Course Library mate. You’ll find it there

Does any one have Applied AI ML course? If yes please share

Seriously? You’re asking for courses in this thread?