Help me to verify my papal account

Hi all members how are you?
Hope you are fine. I am from PAKISTAN AND I have made an account on PayPal using Fake address OF USA and someone sent me 32 usd . But i cannot use because needs to be verified.
When i click on accept the money then it says keep in paypal or
Send to bank account. And when i click on bank account I don’t see any bank of Pakistan
SO please any possible solution for this?
Help will be highly appreciated.


Why u want to put US address on 1st place :grin:

Place doesn’t matter for receiving money, u can receive from anywhere, but putting address of US set it on US paypal directory, there are other ways to make US paypal and receive money, so let It be

Coming to your issue, speak to customer-care and tell them, u by mistake put wrong address, they will help you reset the account and then you can input the bank details.

The Contact can be seen in Help section, go to Message us & type “Need more help” to speak to customer care and wait for them to respond, just keep typing few times, ur issues they’l then respond fast.

here direct link to their chat, Contact Us

Go here and explain your issue, tell them by mistake u have put, they’l resolve your issue :heart:


I think Paypal doesn’t work in Pak, It comes under few countries where Paypal is restricted, I think you should get help of Legit intermediatry which accept Paypal to your Payment ways u like, there are many ways to get paid in Pak.

For amount received, i suggest, refund him the amount if you have not delivered the product or you have power to revert it back. If you can’t then get a US bank account, there are places it’s sold, Inbox me, where you can get and attach it for future uses.

Best will be intermediatery but should be legit, In Pak i guess many uses Western Union to pay/ receive there. Payments via some electronics means like Amazon Gift Card is also great :heart:


Convert it into crypto if you have an option.

If you can send this amount to another PayPal account , use an intermediary , he would charge a fee but give you money back. Obviously I’m not that person but I can give you his number.

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Sir PAYPAL is not available in Pakistan yet. So what should i do? What address should i give it to paypal to receive money in Pakistan.

I have solved here :heart:

main thing is that the money is on hold, paypal says money is waiting for you, there are only two options, keep it in paypal or send a bank.
when i click on keep it in paypal it needs SSN and mobile number, and if i click on send to bank then it says link your bank account

Are you able to Transfer to others? If yes, try to send in my Paypal, I will transfer you in Crypto, Crypto works in Pak!

Also, see if you can transfer to payooner; or buy something using Paypal balance on websites offering it in giftcards!

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@Red_Orange is there a way by which @maamiradina can initiate a refund and accept the payment in some other platform like payoneer?

Yes, just need bank details provided by Payoneer, also check this article here


How can I transfer money sir? Because recently my friend requested money . But when i click on send it gave an error

Payoneer bank account is not Linkin to PayPal now

Come In Inbox, Explain me from start, want to get clear picture to resolve :heart: :+1: