Help me Pliss - Dude maybe you could help me....

Dude maybe you could help me here with this doubt.
There’s a link to the post of a page that refers to this MEGA link, but I lost it and I don’t remember the name of the post. Do you know the title of the post or do you know the password for these courses? Because I downloaded one there and tried all the most common ones here on the Forum and none worked.

Link MEGA: 6.05 TB folder on MEGA

Did you try

It didn’t work, it also failed. What I noticed is that not all files ask for a password, and as I was trying to open a specific one from the TikTok Marketing for Beginners course, this one ended up asking for the password. So I believe that whoever made the post/upload did not pay attention to observe all the files to see whether or not there was a password in them.
I give the post as resolved, for that factor.

Thank you for your help.

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Resolved. No further assistance required.