Help me by downloading a Udemy course

Please, Can anyone help me to download this Udemy course?


I also need help, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to download Udemy courses. Does anyone have a valid working method to use for MacBook users? Allavsoft doesn’t connect or even work.


i can download a course from udemy

Good to show help. I don’t need all videos in a particular course
Pls can you download specific videos in a course?
Can you pls teach me your techniques?
Thank you

@slimjval The “only” technique to download a Udemy course is to pay to have it, only then can you download it directly from their servers.

For paid course you can use udler not sure if thats avilable for mac users

Udeler is available on MacBook but no more working

I have access to the course already but I can’t download it on my system. I can only download Udemy courses from Udemy app on my iPhone but it’s not possible via their website.

I’ve tried every technique out there.
Inspect element, video downloader chrome extension, Udemy downloader Edge extension, etc.

You know iPhone doesn’t give access to file so even if I download the video on Udemy app there’s no way for me to send it to my MacBook.

Please anyone can advise me. Thank you

If you have access to the course, you can download it.
Check this script for more info: Unlimited Downloader (


@slimjval Ah, you should’ve said so! In that case I can help, this Udeler fork has a setup ready for your MacBook: Releases · heliomarpm/udemy-downloader-gui · GitHub
Just be aware that you might lose your account, downloading courses is actually a violation of their terms…

I was able to use this to download a video from Udemy. It downloaded separate files: audio and video both having same timeframe but when I played it using VLC, it just doesn’t show anything. I tried playing the audio file as well but no sound.
I honestly think Udemy has upped their game to restrict people from downloading their contents.

I tried Edge browser using inspect element trick but after downloading one video, I wasn’t able to download furthermore. I cleared cache/cookies but to no avail.

Please anyone can advise me. Thanks!

Thanks for this option but then I heard the warning as well but not willing to try even though it’s a dummy account. Udemy has once denied me access to my account back then Udemy Business was reigning but then they gave me access after almost 7 months and I’m sure it’s not because of the numbers emails I sent them… :laughing:

I would be glad to try new options if you can share. Thank you for your efforts!

@slimjval Many instructors on Udemy have disabled the course download feature on the official app. Using a third-party solution could put your account at risk. It’s safer to just finish the course like you normally would.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a few instructors have started encrypting their courses, meaning that even Udeler won’t work since it can’t bypass the encryption.

It is simple. Use any video editor and merge two tracks.

Alternatively, Try using wodershare’s video converter (Not 100% sure but maybe…)

Thanks for the notice, I actually read online that Udemy personally disabled the ability to download courses by default under DRM protection bla bla bla.

I’ll just complete on phone then screen record the video while playing it.
Thank you for your efforts and advice.

I’ve tried but it’s not working at all. Thanks for your efforts and contributions.

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@slimjval There is actually a solution you could try, screen record the courses as you watch them, either on your iPhone or Mac, so that you may watch them later.

You’re in luck! There is a professional screen recording software offered as a giveaway for Mac: VideoProc Converter License Key Free Giveaway Code

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thanks so much I’ve downloaded the giveaway file and will try screen record. My fear is that I wish the file size won’t be heavy. Imagine screen recording a 6 minute video and getting file size of about 250MB or more. I just hope the software also has good file compressor. Thanks for your help.

@slimjval It depends, my guess is you’d want to watch them on your iPhone so choose a low resolution, or convert them to a lower resolution, this should help with the size, or simply extract the audio file if that’s all you’re interested in.

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you can use TubeDigger and enjoy downloading each and every video without restriction

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