[HELP] I'm running out of storage in my pc, I am looking for free safe encrypted cloud storage plis help me

Hello freesoff family
Im looking for free cloud storage to store courses which i have downloaded
i have very less stoarge in my pc, so could anybody help me. i really appreceaite your help in this matter
Except mega could anybody could suggest me very good cloud storage to store the courses without being banned by the cloud storage service like mega.nz
Or is there any method to get free cloud storage in google drive or Onedrive or any other except edu mails because i don’t know when they will cancel my edu mail account
Thanks in advance
Have a good day :slight_smile:

mega.nz should be the best solution to your problem, if and only if you want to store the courses for personal use. Mega only removes public content that is copyright infringing. I have a whole collection of courses stored on mega drives. They are safe for personal use. FYI, you can store materials that are copyright sensitive anywhere, like Google drive, Onedrive, Mega Or any other cloud satorage BUT if you share them publicly, the chances of recieving copyright claims increase exponentially. That is when the storage providers take action. You can use all the services that you already claim of not being safe. Just make multiple backups.


yess i just want to store courses for my personal use only and i don’t want to get banned my mega so said like that
Okay thanks for the clarification broo i thought if i upload courses my acccount mayget banned now i got the right method thanks