HELP! I think I was Scammed


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with ordering stuff from

I think I may have been a victim of a scam…I made a purchase 5 days ago but haven’t heard from them since. Received confirmation emails but no login details.

It’s terrible. My first time getting conned.

Any suggestions?

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try to contact them in messenger, email, phone number

Maybe take a look on site on what they said about this

Reported similar cases just hours before.

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I almost fell for it too with another service, until I read something on the internet that says “abnormal” discounts that would seem too good to be true are often scams, nothing much you can do about it except to be careful next time, I’d change my current credit card if I were you, so you wouldn’t be robbed, they usually steal from people through these scams.

Already tried contacting them through their website, Facebook page and even via email. No response.

I did nottice it. Seems like they have gone rogue just recently.

Thankfully I didn’t use Cc for the purchase so I think I’m good.

I have purchased from Toolzbuy before and never had issues with them. Maybe I got ahead of myself with cheap stuff :crazy_face:

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If you want to get any software, game etc, go directly to the source, subscribe to newsletters if they offer that so you wouldn’t miss on discounts and such, or find a service that lets you know about major discounts on your favourite apps, and be careful, those people thrive on the misery they bring.

Wtf is wrong with you? You ask for courses in every post? Also, I remember sending you the 13TB link. It’s your responsibility to take a backup.



You have posted your queries in wrong thread. This thread was related to " [HELP! I think I was Scammed" not the request thread! No one will assist you if you still not changing your attitude. Please put your request in relevant thread but not here!


Check their help and support section or email them. Or you can wait for few hours to receive the code. Apart from this website is expensive you can go with the pirate versions. What did you have purchased?

A cheapass Netflix 4k account for 3.months

Hey did you got your stuff ???

Nope. Nothing. All gone.

Yeah! I think best thing you can do is try to contact people in the same situation. Maybe non of you have been able to solve the issue but if you join forces I’m sure you will be able to solve the problem. I’m so sorry this has happened to you

i have used toolzbuy so many times…they are really good to me. i dont kow abbout mammalog though.

I’m already a Toolzbuy user.