**HELP** Can anyone help me in removing PDF password or can i know the password

Hello can anyone help me in removing password or if possible can i know the password of the pdf. Please help me anyone…
book.pdf (361.3 KB)

I can see the post still active

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where do you got that PDF? or You forgot the password!

Its my coaching institute one… We cant take printouts of it as it is password restricted. We cant read all the time looking at the screen

So the PDF don’t ask the password, when you are reading?

Thats the main problem. It opens only in the coaching app and dont ask password. We cant even download or take printout of it. There were literally 100+documents and thousands of pages. How can we read all that stuff by lookinv at phone screen. Please help me in crackig in the password. It helps us a lott. Thanks in advance

That’s so sad! I tried some free methods, none are working!

If you don’t mind, can you please tell me the name of that app!

App name is Egurukul…

do u not have pass. why
ask your institution to re-send pdf ;-;

Its not about pdf sending by institute… They will give app access and eveything shoild be read only in the app. I tried to located the file in filemanager and try to open in adobe acrobat but its asking password. All files can be opened only in and through the app. We cant spend that much time just by looking at screen right. So trying to open the file and take printout of it so that we can read it easily.

If it is GradeUp, Iknow the process! But I don’t know with Egurukul. Sorry!

Just have a loot at this link: 01.E Gurukul 2.0 Notes – Google Drive

Yup some notes are here but i need egurukulmds one josh… Anyway thanks for you response bro

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