Hash Crack Password - Cracking Manual Full Guide


This manual is meant to be a reference guide for cracking tool usage and supportive tools that assist network defenders and pentesters in password recovery (cracking). This manual will not be covering the installation of these tools, but will include references to their proper installation, and if all else fails, Google. Updates and additions to this manual are planned yearly as advancements in cracking evolve. Password recovery is a battle against math, time, cost, and human behavior; and much like any battle, the tactics are constantly evolving.


  • Intro
  • Required Software
  • Core Hash Cracking Knowledge
  • Cracking Methodology
  • Basic Cracking Playbook
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Extract Hashes
  • Password Analysis
  • Dictionary / Wordlist
  • Rules & Masks
  • Foreign Character Sets
  • Advanced Attacks
  • Cracking Concepts
  • Common Hash Examples
  • Appendix
  • -Terms
  • -Online Resources
  • -John The Ripper Menu
  • -Hashcat Menu
  • -Hash Cracking Benchmarks
  • -Hash Cracking Speed

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