Hackstars Course by Technical Sagar 🕵


1. Introduction
Like every other course, Technical Sagar explains what this course is all about. Also, he clarifies that this course is not for those who want to hack Facebook accounts and so on.
He reveals that this is the third part of the hacking course series. The Quick hack hacking course and the tech master hacking courses were previously launched.

2. Telegram – Hacker or Criminal
This section is based entirely on the illegal work (as said by him) being done through and in the Telegram application. He focuses this section about not going and doing illegal things through this application.
The illegal things referred are a mystery. Buy his course and do check it out. Technical Sagar hacking course for free download is also available to download at the end.

3. WiFi Jammer
This section is based on Wifi jamming. You will get an explanation video along with a practical video in this course. Also, you will get a wifi jammer-master folder which will contain the wifi jamming script used by him.

4. Hacking Frameworks
In this section, you will be introduced to the Katana Framework. This section also contains a practical and explanatory video. Also, you will get the Katana Framework File.

5. Hacking Outdated WordPress
This section has 2 videos and an exploit named wp-exploit. This section will deal with teaching you secure your WordPress websites.

6. What Can Be Hacked
This section even I could not understand so I skipped.

7. Shell In Hacking
This section teaches what is a shell. How we can use a shell. Also, you will get a practical video (just for sake). But the shell which is used is not attached.

8. Cloud Computing in Hacking
You will get an explanation video along with a .ppt file. This will discuss cloud computing. Like what is cloud computing and how it can be hacked.

Download: Here and Here

Credits: Vivianwu


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As a cyber security professional , i will suggest you go for any other udemy Course or ask me I will suggest. Already check Technical sagar course this guys just misleads with wrong technical concept. If you really want to learn avoid this type of course.


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