Hackercool (July 2022)

English | 64 pages | True PDF | 49.6 MB

Hacker Magazine with a difference. That’s what people say Hackercool Magazine is.

When I wanted to learn hacking , I considered all the options( most were courses) and took a six months course on ethical hacking. Not that I found it to be a perfect choice but it seemed good among all the options (there was also a 15 day course the promised me to teach complete ethical hacking). When the course was over, I had a feeling like I learnt everything and also like I learnt nothing. Simply put, I was in a state of confusion myself about my knowledge about ethical hacking. After some research, I found I only covered basics of hacking. and there were many missing links in the course I learnt.

Who Is Our Hackercool Magazine For?

  • People who are passionate to learn hacking.
  • People who want to understand how Real World Hacking works.
  • Black Hat Hackers (Hahaha, just kidding)


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