Guide for Data Science

I wanted to study Data Science but I am unware from where to start. Like what are the basic things we should know before starting it. Please anyone guide me, from where should I start and please provide study materials required for basic level.

  1. CS109 Data ScienceClass Material 9
  2. Data Science Essentials 1
  3. Learning From Data from California Institute of Technology 4
  4. Mathematics for Machine Learning by University of California, Berkeley 2
  5. Foundations of Data Science by Avrim Blum, John Hopcroft, and Ravindran Kannan
  6. Python Data Science HandbookPython Data Science Handbook | Python Data Science Handbook 5
  7. CS 221 ― Artificial IntelligenceTeaching - CS 221 1
  8. Ten Lectures and Forty-Two Open Problems in the Mathematics of Data Science
  9. Python for Data Analysis by Boston University 3
  10. Data Mining bu University of BuffaloData Mining (CSE626) 3

take a look at google’s data analytics certificate on coursera , it is a good start


Thank You so much for providing valuable resources .

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Thanks man, Great work