[GUIDE] Create PayPal Stealth Account Easily

[GUIDE] Create PayPal Stealth Account Easily

  • First step: Go to https://anonmails.de/ and create a temporary mail with lifespan of 50 days or whatever lifespan you prefer.

  • Second step: Go to https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/ and generate a fake name according to the PayPal account you are creating. US/UK

  • Third step: Go to https://paypal.com or https://paypal.co.uk depending on your VPN and provide the information that the random generator provided and after that immediately verify your email, no need to provide CC details or bank details. Also no need to verify your phone number!

  • Fourth step: This is the most important one, add at-least two easy to remember security questions in your PayPal account, and that’s it! Your stealth PayPal account is ready to use. Disconnect your VPN and try to login again, it should work… :heart_eyes:
    Keep accessing it from your main IP so that you won’t have to verify yourself, doing this will make PayPal think that this is your main IP and won’t bother with the IP used doing registration. So even accessing a UK/US PayPal account from your IP will work and won’t require verification. Or use your VPN, it’s your choice!

  • Move it to your main PayPal account whenever you want to withdraw, sometimes the money gets stuck and is under review but after 24 hours it will become cleared eventually. You may also want to add notes while sending transaction to your main PayPal account.*