GrowthX Template Library (Templates From Google, Amazon, Spotify, Figma & much more.)

Template Library

GrowthX Product Spec Document

Asana’s Spec Template

Product Hunt’s PRD Template

Razorpay’s PRD Template

Flipkart’s PRD Template

Figma’s PRD Template

Ola’s PRD Template

Phone Pe PRD Template

Coda’s PRD Template

Atlassian’s PRD Template

Amazon’s Press Release

Slack Process Document

Airtable’s PRD Template

Uber’s PRD Template

Airbnb’s Product Spec Template

Google’s PRD Template

Microsoft’s PRD Template

Intercom’s JTBD Document

Spotify’s Product Narrative

Business Requirements Document


Go to Market Document by GrowthX

Go to Market Strategy for Fintech

Go to Market Strategy for Ed-tech

Product Manager Resume

Growth PM Resume

Technical Product Manager

UX Product Manage

Business Analyst

SEO Specialist

Data Analyst PM

Growth Marketer Resume

Social Media Manager

Content Marketer

Email Marketing Manager

Brand Strategiest

Digital Marketer

Job Description Document by GrowthX

GrowthX Competitive Analysis Doc

Role at Company


Thank you for sharing. Great share. :two_hearts:

did any of those can be applied to Elearning startups or Courses? (to offer or make courses)? Thanks

alamin bhai this has to be one of the greatest share I ever seen,thank u so much.