Grammarly introduces generative AI tool GrammarlyGO

Your favorite grammar checker turns into a complete AI-powered writing and editing assistant.

The Grammarly AI team is preparing to jump into the AI race fast with their new writing assistant, Grammarly GO. Perhaps you’ve already started using Grammarly to help you polish your writing for publication or education. For nearly 14 years, Grammarly has applied AI to correct spelling and grammar and offer suggestions for improving written texts. Now, with the help of ChatGPT-powered generative AI, Grammarly hopes to take things further.

For well over a decade, we’ve delivered the leading AI-enabled communication assistant focused on helping people and businesses overcome the real challenges they face every day. Now we enter a new phase in our vision to support our customers across all stages of communication, going past revision into conception and composition—all while maintaining our high standards of quality, privacy, and security.”

– Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Grammarly’s global head of product

Grammarly AI: What is GrammarlyGO writing assistant?

In-app writing support from a generative AI is now available with GrammarlyGO. When it comes to writing, the new Grammarly AI writing tool is there for you and your teams, whether you’re composing a short email or a lengthy report. GrammarlyGO can swiftly produce high-quality, task-appropriate writing and edits thanks to its contextual understanding. Although it employs its own algorithm for spelling and grammatical advice, GrammarlyGo was developed using OpenAI’s GPT-3-derived API.

GrammarlyGo will be available at no additional cost as part of the Grammarly service. The business has announced that its paid Premium, Business, Education, and Developer plans and its free plans “in select markets” will soon include the AI authoring capability. Moreover, Grammarly’s other features, including the original Grammarly app, the Grammarly Chrome extension, the Grammarly add-on for Microsoft Word and Slack, and the original Grammarly add-on for Google’s Gmail, all work in tandem with GrammarlyGO. That means you can use the new Grammarly AI writing tool whenever and wherever you need it, whether you’re typing an email or opening a Google doc.

“Generative AI represents an inflection point in innovation that Grammarly can incorporate to deliver even more value for our customers,”

– Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Grammarly’s global head of product

Using your preferred writing style and brand identity through its analysis, GrammarlyGO leverages contextual awareness and customization. The format and the reason for the writing can also be selected.

Like ChatGPT, GrammarlyGO will allow users to request a rewrite of their existing content with improvements to tone, clarity, and length, as well as to generate material in response to a prompt and spark ideas for new writing assignments. However, despite their similarities, Grammarly AI team claims its features differentiate it from other AI chatbots. Let’s see if they are right.

Grammarly’s AI-powered writing advice is relied on daily by 30 million consumers and 50,000 business teams around the world to improve their written communication and increase their likelihood of success. Can GrammarlyGO sustain this success?

GrammarlyGO features: What does Grammarly AI offer?

When it comes to delivering a high-quality, custom-tailored, generative AI experience, GrammarlyGO is ambitious. Grammarly AI team “goes beyond standard generative AI by producing text that is specifically relevant and effective for each customer.” The features that make Grammarly speak assertively are as follows:

  • Personalized voice: GrammarlyGO allows you to customize the voice it uses while generating content by letting you choose between several different professional personas.

What is GrammarlyGO and how to use it? Grammarly AI writing assistant will be powered by ChatGPT. Keep reading and learn everything about it

Image courtesy: Grammarly

  • Suggested prompts: GrammarlyGO takes into account the specifics of the current writing session to provide suggestions that might either help get you started or provide feedback on how you’re doing.
  • Trustable AI: According to the Grammarly AI team, you can use generative AI with full faith in its commitment to enterprise data security, user privacy, and ethical AI development.
  • Fast: Grammarly AI team claims its AI tool is faster than its rivals.
  • Unique context: It learns about the writer’s or team’s background, writing style, and objectives allowing for the creation of high-quality writing.

Individuals and enterprises can both benefit from generative AI with the help of GrammarlyGO:

  • Rewrite: You can change your text’s tone, clarity, and length.
  • Compose: Write a prompt and see what will happen.
  • Ideate: The new Grammarly AI writing tool can act as an AI ideation buddy to help you break through writer’s block and spark new ideas with its prompt-based outlining and brainstorming features.

What is GrammarlyGO and how to use it? Grammarly AI writing assistant will be powered by ChatGPT. Keep reading and learn everything about it

Image courtesy: Grammarly

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