Google Chrome Alternatives || Make use of it friends

Google Chrome is a popular browser, but it’s also a data collection tool. Even major media outlets are starting to take notice, with the Washington Post stating that “Google’s web browser has become spy software” with 11,000 tracker cookies observed in a single week.

Here are seven alternatives that offer more privacy while still being secure against hackers and other miscreants:

Firefox browser – Firefox is a very customizable, open-source browser that is popular in privacy circles. There are also many different Firefox modifications and tweaksthat will give you more privacy and security. Check out Firefox Focus for a strong mobile privacy option.

Brave – Brave is a user-friendly, Chromium-based browser that is growing in popularity. It blocks trackers and ads by default while also implementing browser fingerprinting protection.

Tor browser – A hardened and secured version of Firefox that runs on the Tor network by default. (It also does a good job against browser fingerprinting.)

Ungoogled Chromium – Just as the name says, this is an open source version of Chromium that has been “ungoogled” and modified for more privacy.

Bromite (for Android) – For those who are still using Android devices, the privacy-focused Bromite browser is a great alternative to Chrome. It has ad-blocking and other privacy enhancements by default, but no support for desktop operating systems.

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Ty for the information


Which alternative is the faster one ?
I also heard there was one browser who is just like chrome but private

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I’m using Brave which is very fast and secure @kool_boy

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Brave is fast and slick

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