[giveaways] BBC’s Sound Effects | 16,000 Files | 283GB

Best Sound Effects for Free
The BBC Sound Effects Library 36 is well known among sound designers and sound engineers. The collection contains sound effects from historical content to the recent productions, covering almost every aspect of sound effect for Film and TV production needs.

Under the Research and Education Space (RES) Platform, The BBC released part of their archive of sound effects for free download. There are 16,000 Sound Effects available as high resolution WAV Format (44.1KHz, 16Bit CD Standard) to download for personal, educational, or research purposes. Here you can find the detailed terms of the RemArc Licence.

There are not only practical sound effects like “Applause,” “Bells,” or “Cars,” but also some fascinating sound effects such as “fizzy liquids” or “one bluebottle insect circling at 7ft – 1972″).

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Sales Page: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/
Download: BBC Rewind - Sound Effects

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