[Giveaway] Spotify Premium [x1]


My first post mentioned a way to get spotify **premium family for a whole month!**Seems like yet many of you are struggling so,
This is a giveaway and is very simple. You will receive a spotify premium 1 month in either your account or one made and will be sent into your PMs or your preferred email. To enter the giveaway, you must

like the post
Have at least replied or commented in a freesoff thread, this is to show that you are a member of the community!
Finally, just tell me why in the replies you’d want a spotify premium family, do you really need it?
Be sure to follow freesoff’s guidelines!

More giveaways to come soon!


Do I am able to get premium? Mail me:[email protected]

I don’t wanna listen to those spotify ads anymore

we need more comments!

i am so tired of listening to ads while listening to podcast

Hi there I’m interested to buy bulk Premium Spotify Account do you have a marketplace or store?

I want to give the guy that’s letting me crash on his couch for the last couple weeks a nice surprise.

hi, i was looking to buy premium version of spotify to listen some cybersecurity related podcasts and also i wanted to know how exactly the premium version works it would be great if i get a chance !

thanks in advance !!!
[email protected]

i am so tired of listening to ads

would love to take it
[email protected]

I wanna grab this premium membership
[email protected]

we need more comments!

4 more comments and a winner will be randomised!

I’m so tired of these ads and also I want to listen to offline songs :cry:

I want this spotify premium so badly :sob: :sob:

[email protected]
pls i’m beggin!!!

yes Spotify premium yes