[Giveaway] Spotify Premium for 3 months [x1]

Comment and Like. Post your funny new years 3 resolutions :rofl:
I will choose the lucky winner via Wheel of Names and bonus to the funniest!


What is the duration of this giveaway?

Lead on December 30.Thanks.

Let’s hope for the good. Am in for the giveaway. :wink:

resolution: i will only listen to spotify :joy:

new year res : try every item on the macdonald menu :shallow_pan_of_food:

you will get action everyday next year.

im in for this give away

My first winner for December 28. I will DM your account, possible for auto-renew :wink:
This thread will be closed on December 30.

My new year resolution. Please don’t judge me for this :sweat_smile:

I won’t blame my farts on my classmates :joy: :joy:

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yeeeee :tada: i got itttttttttttttt

well , i would become taller , stronger and faster

Congratulations!Thank you for the confirmation.Happy holidays!

My last winner. I will DM your account, possible for auto-renew :wink:

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Congratulations everyone.

@Grubstaker Thanks for the exciting giveaway.

Resolution :4k With RGB Lights
Meanwhile Me:Sed Songs On Spotify 🥲

hopefully I can win an account too :3

nice thank you so much