[Giveaway] Skyfiles 4.0 - Free Lifetime License

With Skyfiles , you can harness the full power of your Windows applications to edit Google Drive files with ease – not only documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slides, but also images, text files, or any format supported by your local software.

The original name of this tool was GDocsDrive. It was renamed to Skyfiles in 2019.

Feature Highlights

  • Directly connect Google Drive with desktop apps
  • Automatically sync modified files with Google Drive
  • A disk-free client for Google Drive
  • Secure – OAuth login, SSL encryption

Giveaway Details

  • Product name: Skyfiles 4.0
  • Website: https://www.skyfiles.net/
  • License type: lifetime
  • Platform: Windows
  • Installer: Skyfilessetup.exe
  • License code – last updated: Dec 14, 2020
  • License #1: TLJFR-P6K26-3BDN3-4ZGDX (updated: Dec 14, 2020)

Thank you very much. It’s work