[Giveaway] Skillshare 3 Months Private Account Free

Hey community members!

I am giving away a minimum of 3 Skillshare private accounts to the members. The validity of each account is 3 months.

The giveaway is free. Read the rules for more:


  1. Must have been a member for 3 days as of 21st Dec.
  2. Comment and let me know why do you need it.
    If you can help FREESOFF keep helping fellow members by providing working links of closed topics like the below topics:
    GeeksforGeeks - C++ STL Free Download
    [GET] Stock Market Price Action Course
    [GET] Umar Ashraf course | Stock Market Lab

The above 3 are just for example, there are much more topics like these.
Just see if someone needs it and the resource is no more available (because the link is broken etc.)
They usually have a locked :lock: sign with them like this:

So, if you have a copy of that resource, comment here that you have it and PM me with the new link
(I will have to check it). You will have an edge over other participants.


Till I have accounts left with me, I will giveaway a minimum of 3 accounts. I will update any further details in the comments.

PM me for further details or queries.


@Akash Awesome Share :blue_heart:

I am not intrested in Skillshare. But, this giveaway will be very helpful to our members.

You are really amazing.


Thanks, I see community members requesting closed resources, this giveaway will help the ones who really need them.


Hello @Akash Sir, Thanks for doing this giveaway. I am not sure about the first rule, I’ve been a member of FREESOFF for quite some time in the telegram channel but signed up right now.

I need skillshare account to learn content writing and web development.
Also, I have GFG STL full course.

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Greetings! I’d appreciate an account, trying to upskill my online profile to get some remote work, picking up some new skills would be helpful!

  1. Hy @Akash I’ve been a member of FREESOFF for a month or 2 now.
  2. I love love a Skillshare account to improve my graphic design skill and learn Cinema 4D there is this instructor who i really want to learn from. https://www.skillshare.com/user/visualdon.
  3. I will definitely do so.

I need an account to improve my programming skills

I need the skillshare account for exploring the concepts of Data Science
I have a backup of umar ashraf course and the [GET] Umar Ashraf course | Stock Market Lab

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I need to improve my skills and be able to provide better services to the people who ask me for it. and in that the same site is one of the best for me.

@Akash bro iam learning ai behind the autonomous driving cars with some onine resources , gerorge hotz , in skill share i seen some courses on deep learning and self driving cars it will be a great help for me if u help

WIll be announcing atleast 1 winner today, Guys if you qualify for the RULE No. 3, PM me ASAP.
Thank you members for showing interest.

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Hey Akash bro first of all thank you so much for this giveaway,

1i been a member of this community for a long time
2 the reason I’m looking for skillshare account learn some new skills currently unemployed it’s hard for me to make money for my own living i might find a new skills from if you gave me
3 i only find out about this community in 2020 this mind blowing this community gave me more than I asked for i learnt so many things here it’s my pleasure to give back so i do.

FIRST WINNER : @Rohit_Salunke , He qualified for rule 3. As mentioned earlier

contact me in PM for account details.


next winner in few hours. I will announce 2nd winner in few hours. All others who did not win, you will be considered too for next winner.

Thank you. :star_struck:

Friends, I got the Skillshare Premium account as mentioned in the Giveaway
Now let’s see who is the second and third winners.

Hi Akash,

I’m a new member. I need Skillshare account as it got some nice courses in web development. I own all the courses you mentioned. I would be glad to share them with the freesoff community irrespective of whether I get skillshare account or not. Please let me know how to share them.

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that’s awesome to get a free skillshare account .
im learning grapich design . if i get one to improve my skill that will be much appreciated.
last week one of my friend give me a pluralsith subscription but didn’t have enough gfx recourses .
and i post a Giveaway to help freesoff members by giving pluralsight courses.
if i get skillsare account im gonna share skillshare courses too
thank you.

PM me with the details