[Giveaway] Request anything from envato elements

What’s the password for these files to download them

here is the new link Gofile


1month free trail Please try this link, it worked for me :grinning: [ use only paypal ]

Note: Payment method required so use any junk Paypal account or VCC something on Paypal

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Hey Akash

I appreciate your help with these thank you!

Youtube Pack I need… 3.0

Nice Share :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can you get this couple of vids please? thanks you

@Muhammed_Hidayathull can u explain more and how to get a junk paypal account

i dont have bin sorry mate

Need these bro:
1.School Website Template by merkulove on Envato Elements

2.Kingster - Education HTML Template by max-themes on Envato Elements

3.Edumate - Education HTML Template by codecarnival on Envato Elements

Please upload it on anonfiles.com it will be more easy to upload and download…