Giveaway | Request any wordpress premium theme or plugin, Will try to provide free of cost

Hi Freesoff Members,

Request any wordpress theme or plugin with latest update with GPL license, will provide free of cost for next 3 days.

First 50 requests will be processed.


Hello, please can you provide me this theme:

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Right now, I don’t have it. But will try in 2-3 days.

Any other requests?

This I have.

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this one sir

this one as well thank you

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Please can you help with this

First of all thank you for this initiative @Life_Bull .
I need “Newspot” blogger template, Please try it if you have some time.

Thanks in advance.

HELLO please this one and thank you so much

Maybe Astra Pro Addon - Do More in Less Time. Without Coding!
Hi there +thanks

Please try to provide me this

I need Genretepress Premium Theme

HELLO please this one and thank you so much!

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will you able to Share this one :heart_eyes:

Here you go !!

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Link for generate press

Can i get this ?

Astra Pro addon

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Hi there +thanks

can I get these or?


Can i get this ?