[GIVEAWAY] QuillBot Premium Account for 1 Year

Here is the Annual Quillbot Premium Account for Freesoff Members!


1. You must like this thread.
2. You must contributed at least one time to this forum.

Giveaway Link: Quillbot Annual Premium Account

Note: I know a lot of requests is going to come and I don’t have so much time to pm each one of you. So I made above link to receive the details in ur inobx directly
This will save my time & also prevent mass leaching and

Hope you all like it

ENJOY :heartbeat:


it works yay. thank you


Thank you i just received it.


Thank you it worked :smiley:

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Running like butter. ​Thank you a million times over. :grinning: :love_you_gesture:

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Not working for me. Received email but not accepting credentials


Not accepting password anymore, but thanks for the effort to provide us with an account.

I have found about Quillbot here at freesoff, and am highly impressed by their free version so far.

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The account is working again
PLZ do not try to change the password

it is not working, I have already tested both accounts, it does not work


You have created only one account for all. It’s not good. Someone already change the password and it doesnt work. It’s preferable to create an account for each person

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Regrettably, the problem persists.

The password had to have been changed.

I’m not sure if the individual who changed the password even uses this app, as it demonstrates a hoarder’s attitude.

So Sad that the password id already changed. Have been waiting for quillbot account for so long for my blog writings. Please help.

changed the password

i have received it but it says unusual activity detected on login


Thanks you so much :heart:

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Not working today… please fix it.

Any fix to this login issue will be kindly welcome.

It’s showing Invalid password. Please fix it.

its not working for me also

Unusual activity detected, try again in 1-2 mins
Always shows these error.