[GIVEAWAY] pCloud 500GB Cloud Storage for 3 Months FREE


  • Access from any device.
  • There is no limit on the size of the uploaded file.
  • There are no speed limits for uploading and downloading files.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Synchronization of files across all devices.
  • File preview and media playback.


  1. Register or SignUp to pCloud Account : HERE and Verify Mail (for new users)
  2. Then Go to Promotion Page : HERE

Thank You very much I was desperately looking for a good cloud storage

If you’re looking for any cloud storage, you can go with the 5TB onedrive. It’s secure than pCloud and has validity of lifetime (in theory). If you’re not aware such thing exists, search the forum. You’ll get office 365 A1 version (online) with it.

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Thanks a lot for sharing :star_struck:

In case you didn’t know, there is a chance to avail 3 months of premium membership absolutely free!

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I confirmed it’s still working. Thanks for the useful share @Sibijay

Thanks a lot, it is still working 06 May 2022

Be careful guys this isn’t going to store your stuff for three months. Yeah, I know it is written here that you will get it for three months but in the settings, it’s showing valid for one month only. No FREE cloud storage mentioned in this site is safe or free for a lifetime. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and lose no important file.


No one said it’s safe. Please read around the blog for more info. I’ve already explained it to a couple others.

Overview: It’s not safe. It’s public drive. It can and will be nuked soon.

You’re wrong about nothing’s free. I get many things for free. Somethings even better than paid ones. But usually, if you get something for free, you’re the product. It takes time to figure out which one is which. You’ll need knowledge and experience.

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