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After a period of use, your computer will experience slowing performance, you may need to clean up your computer already. Task Scheduler built into Windows is not too difficult to use, but users must be familiar with the task and know exactly what each will do. If not, it is possible to render a necessary service inoperable, resulting in uncontrollable consequences. That is why PC Tasks Optimizer was created. PC Tasks Optimizer is a safe, effective computer accelerator that allows you to select unnecessary items to disable and get everything done with one click.

Feature Highlights

PC Tasks Optimizer provides an intuitive way to disable unnecessary tasks (which can cause slow processing speeds) and easy-to-understand options for new users. In other words, for each task in the task group, PC Tasks Optimizer not only displays the name (for example, Consolidator, HotStart, ScheduledDefrag, etc.) but also explains in detail what it will do, such as: I chose not to participate in the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program, my computer does not support Hotstart, I do not want Windows to defrag the hard drive, etc.

  • Simple but powerful
    By using simple, easy-to-understand options, PC Tasks Optimizer provides the most intuitive way to tweak dozens of Windows scheduled tasks, but sometimes unnecessary for people. user, all with just a single click. You do not need to understand the complex techniques involved in scheduled Windows tasks. This makes PC Tasks Optimizer an ideal tool for those who do not have or have little knowledge of computers.
  • Customizable optimization process
    Although PC Tasks Optimizer was developed for users who are not very computer savvy, it also includes advanced options for experienced users, by letting them customize the process of refining scheduled tasks so that they can choose to change which task.
  • Optimize safely
    PC Tasks Optimizer comes with a backup and restores feature that allows you to roll back changes made to the software in the event of a mistake.

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