[GIVEAWAY] Over 4500 Premium Graphics UI/UX Templates

how much you love FREESOFF ?

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Thank you so much for sharing brother, this is what I needed @Goutham_Gandhi :grinning:


Thanks for sharing brother. You are really amazing!

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What’s the password?
Nice share :sparkling_heart:

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Can you support us with the password, if any needed?

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@Gilbert_von_Schnosel sure

what’s the password for that file?

there is no password

Hey can u share it once to me

Bro link is not working

the link is not working

Link is not working bro…

I dl some of the content but to be honest, most of the material looked kinda… old.
Don´t expect latest UI trends neither nice designs. Just saying.

not working sir! Can you pls share it again. thanks in advance