🔥 [Giveaway] IPTV Premium subscription M3U File : Over 38,000+ Ordinary & Premium Channels Instantly in HD, FHD quality

I will Give IPTV Premium Account to 10 Lucky Winner.

Please note that the subscription will only work for 3 days If you like it and want to continue then you can PM me

Rules -

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Comment: What products/services do you want me to do as the next Giveaway**

I will choose the Top 10 Member and Will share the File instantly. Winners will also be announced.

If i don’t choose you, don’t feel bad…just help the community. I will come up with another giveaway very soon.

If you get selected then what do I need from you?

1: Which country channels do you want?
2: You don’t need any special IPTV player to open the file. VLC player will work.

So it’s mandatory to have VLC installed in your system.


It would be great if you included all details like the rate, details of package that you would ask to pay after 3 days and accepted payment methods etc.

What services / products do you provide?

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Please…let the next gift be a Google Play card
I really hope to win😍


If 3 days trial ends, you don’t need to pay anything. You need to complete a small task to get a new trial ( Example Giving a review on a few sites )

List of other products:

  1. Grammarly ( 1 month)
  2. Envato element ( 45 days)
  3. Shutterstock 10 Images ( 1 month)
  4. Adobestock 40 assets ( 1 month)
  5. Emailwritr lifetime
  6. Gravitec lifetime for 1 website
  7. Google voice 1 number for lifetime
  8. Hostmaria cloud hosting 1 year

Thank you for participating :slight_smile:

Great giveaway.
I would love to see next giveaway on hosting or envato elements.

All the best to winners :trophy:

Cool. Thanks for the clarification. And for the next giveaway, I would like Google voice for lifetime.

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Next we would like to see some ideas how to work online.
Thanks in advance!

I am a student and Emailwritr lifetime will help a lot. Can you please choose it as next give away.

google voice would really help

Congratulations! You’re our first winner for this Giveaway. Please read the main post and PM details accordingly.

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Great, I really need IPTV premium subscription and intend paying for it. Hope I get to be among the lucky winners.

Thanks man!

Grammarly 1 month will do as the next giveaway.

Envato element (45days) …

Can I win? I need to watch the derby

Can i win? thanks !!

@Said_Dulevic @hamza_nacer_eddine

Congratulations! You’re our second and third winner for this Giveaway. Please read the main post and PM details accordingly.

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thank u <3 <3 bro <3 <3

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Thank you so much, appreciate it

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Is this a true giveaway ? anyway thank you very much