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Giveaway - GitHub Student Developer Pack

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The winner will be announced on Sunday, February 19.

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For Personal use. And for expanding my knowledge a bit more.

I am software developer and working on personal projects. I need this for deploying and learn new technologies.
I especially need frontend Masters subscription that’s included in github pack. I would be great if I could get this.

im a student who codes and created repos. thanks

I just wanted to give it to my little brother, he just finished high school and he enjoys building websites and stuff like that.

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I need it to develop new projects, thanks in advance

i want github pack.thanks for your willing

I am a student who completed my b.tech and want to expand my knowledge in field of programming to get a job

i really want it for starting a business with free domain and hosting

It will be useful to me to teach to students as I am Instructor.
Thanks for this GiveAway!!

To learn and make myself more productive to learn New things and deploy it in project in modern era. In the world of technology, always need to be keep updated yourself to get value in any position.
By the way, thanks buddy for your great hand :clap:

I need it for my personal use and upgrade my skills.

i need this personal use and training.

@alamin Thanks a lot …For skills development and much more

I am a Programmer and I love to code but don’t have any university email so I can’t get Github Student pack. wish me good luck :slight_smile:

For software development

I need it for my personal use and upgrade my skills :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

As a student, having access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack is an absolute game-changer. The pack is a treasure trove of valuable resources that can help me develop my coding skills, build amazing projects, and land my dream job. Without access to the pack, I’m afraid I will miss out on numerous opportunities that could shape my future.

With the pack, I can get free access to some of the best developer tools available, including code editors, IDEs, web hosting services, and more. This will not only help me improve my coding skills, but it will also help me to collaborate with other developers on projects, build my portfolio, and showcase my work to potential employers.

Additionally, the pack includes access to online courses and training, which can be incredibly helpful for someone like me who is just starting in the tech industry. These courses will give me the opportunity to learn new skills, explore different areas of tech, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Furthermore, the developer services and resources available through the pack can help me to network with other developers and professionals in the tech industry. This can lead to job opportunities, mentorship, and valuable connections that can be crucial to my success.

Overall, having access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack would be incredibly helpful to me as a student. It will give me the tools, resources, and knowledge I need to become a successful developer and achieve my goals. I cannot stress enough how important this pack is to me, and I hope you will consider me for the giveaway

very cool, I would like to get it too if possible, because for me, it would help me in personal projects,For Personal use. And for expanding my knowledge a bit more. I am a student of online courses, learn to earn money online, I really want to improve my financial life and that of my family.
the benefits of getting a GitHub Student Developer Pack account are good, it would really help me, thanks

i am teacher. i want this to teach programming for my students.thank you!