[Giveaway] Get 20GB Cloud Storage Forever (100% Working)


  • Go to giveaway page → Here

  • Enter your mail. You can also use temp mail.

  • Click on Start for Free

  • Create an account

  • You will get 20GB Cloud Storage

Enjoy :slight_smile:

This company is a scam. Please don’t share these kind of thing on the platform. In this app you can’t upload file more bigger than 10mb.


Thanks, confirmed working for 20 GB.
Here’s another link that works, with free 20 GB:

They’re not necessarily a scam, any reason for your statement?
(For sure they’re not as well known as SpiderOak or Tresorit.)

I just tested now and I uploaded a 19.8 MB file through web browser.
Can you describe how you were limited to 10 MB?
Here’s the sample account, you can check the file bigger than 10 MB.
email: [email protected]
pass: Limit10MB

19.8 MB file uploaded successfully
Viscosity Installer 1.9.3.exe

I was writing it on behalf of my experiences with this cloud storage. I again tried to upload the file and this time I’m able to do it but I don’t why it was not working at that time.

I got just 10gb of space why can you explain that.

Can’t classify as a scam, but however their Platform is really in a super early stage.
Uploads are really slow. Web Design is broken.

its based on decentralized concept, so its cool but developing

Make sure you use the “giveawayoftheday” or “sharewareonsale” link
If you use the wrong link, your account defaults to 10GB

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