[Giveaway] Free Envato elements

Giving away enavto elements files Just Reply with your link & will post it right away!



Am i here the first one to get this account, anyway thanks in advance.

There is already a topic https://freesoff.com/t/giveaway-download-all-freepik-envato-elements-pngtree-pikbest-requests-go-in-here/

Kindly contribute there

thanks for effort, I will appreciate if u help.

here They are!

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Thanks Buddy

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Sorry But I’m not selling account, I’m only sharing files of your desire. if you have need you can ask me I’ll provide it with license.

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More request coming your way. Handing over the baton to you :slight_smile: Could you help process the last 3 requests in the post? Thanks

thank you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Waiting for the following envato elements!

School 1
School 2
School 3
School 4
School 5
School 6
School 7
School 8
School 9
School 10
School 11

Thank you!

Send the links Directly here, will upload them within 12 hours or less!

Hi @Agnes_claw!
Can you help me with these files? Thank you so much!

Dude, you’ve requested only 11? Are you sure you don’t want any more?

It’s courtesy to request 2-3 at a time buddy. Anyways, hope your request is granted


Got it. Sorry badly needed.

Thanks you so much for the share

Are you still taking requests? I would like a couple of resources…

Bro can you send the file link, I want to use some for my youtube project

Sorry. I mean I get it that I should request 1 or two only not 11.