[Giveaway]Fluid Status - Uptime & Cronjob Monitoring

Failed service maintenance, technical breakdown, network outage, or human error – everything terrible can happen, usually when you least expect. You will not lose your customer because of any of these faults, but because of inadequate communication. Sometimes you can even turn these annoying issues into a victory when you improve your customer’s trust in your service.

Create a public status page, link it to your website, and show that your customer is valuable. It is easy, fast, and affordable.

Check websites, servers & ports

  • Check your monitors from multiple locations :us: :de: :south_africa:
  • Custom HTTP requests & responses
  • Uptime & response times
  • Configurable weekly/monthly email reports

Track your cronjobs

You simply need to send a GET or POST request each time your cronjob runs, that’s it.

  • Uptime tracking
  • Get notified when your cronjob stops working
  • Configurable weekly/monthly email reports

Status pages analytics

Every status page you create gets useful and ready-to-go analytics.

No more false alarms

Control your own failure thresholds and eliminate noisy alerts. Set your own checking intervals and timeouts.


Click here to create your free status page.

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