[Giveaway] Do Your Data Recovery Pro Free Lifetime License

Many times we accidentally delete files and data in the trash. Thankfully, in recent years, thanks to advanced scientific technology, executives have created software to support data recovery on electronic devices, including computers and phones. A more straightforward way to efficiently operate on your device is to open the trash icon on your computer, find your file and restore it to the correct location on your hard drive.

Do Your Data Recovery Pro is a comprehensive data recovery software that helps you safely and completely recover lost data from hard drive / SSD, or USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, RAID, digital equipment, … This is a MUST-HAVE software, fast and safe for people. This is undoubtedly in the best assistance of customers in the process of using electronic devices to store information data.

Feature Highlights

A lot of people love technology, install this application in their devices. You will understand the reasons for its advantages:

  • Quick Scan
    This tool has an advanced scanning feature that searches for files and data that have been corrupted or accidentally deleted beforehand. A quick scan feature supports searching and recovering data on the hard drive, maximum support for users during use.
  • Almighty data recovery software
    With this program, users can recover all data in different formats such as video, email, audio, report files, wrappers, etc. The software also supports Store many other types of data information files.
  • Raw data recovery
    During use, users can recover data that has been degraded, corrupted, or accidentally deleted due to raw data, storage file system problems, logical errors, loss of distribution, system initialization. Users can also retrieve data lost due to virus attacks, human errors during use, software problems, operating system installation problems, system problems when upgrading software. , …
  • Support devices
    DoYourData is powerful software, with advanced features to help you recover files that have been formatted, formatted or lost from laptops, personal computers, hard drives, technical devices such as phones, tablets, … or from device storage media, HDD / SSD, USB, flash drives, missed cards, digital cameras, RAID, … Users can recover original data quickly and safely. With the optimal data information security features, users are completely assured of the confidentiality of data information during the recovery process.

Besides, this program can be accessed and used on devices with operating systems combining Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP,…and some Windows servers such as 2019, 2016, 2012. , 2008, 2003. Disk space must contain at least 60MB. Therefore, users can support maximum users in the process of recovering, formatting, and storing information. This is a significant advantage, enjoyed by many people.

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