[GIVEAWAY] Canva Pro Invite [FAST] Limited to Interested Candidates Only

This is a Lifetime Canva Pro Invite -


Hear me out - Let’s be a good citizen, if you already have a canva pro id then ignore this thread.

This thread is for hard working individuals who are still in need to explore the all awesome canva pro.

Rule 1 - Like this Thread

Rule 2 - Comment What will you do with this id

Rule 3 - Be genuine

I will personally DM to the individuals with the link. If your id is new like if you aren’t a regular freesoff user then I am not going to share the Invite.

That said, Hit the like button & comment your why?

Stay Safe Everyone -


I want to use this Canva account to create stunning graphics for my next android project.

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I would like to use Canva for creating new flyers, graphic, and poster for my school assignment.
I am genuine, if you need I can verify myself
Thank you

If I get the chance of this Canva Pro, I would love to using this to help me redesign my blogs and social medias to increase engagement, and its really help me for my daily study as most of my homework need some visual design, like presentation and etc.

All in all, Canva Pro very helpful for me as I dont need to hardly find graphics and vectors that copyright free. Thank you a lot for starting this Canva giveaway.

When you get canva pro, paste a screenshot to this thread with a review or you will be removed.

Here’s your link - https://rb.gy/9dhy5n

I am using canva free for a while now for my class lectures. Canva gives me that extra “oomph!” to my presentations but I can only use the free ones repeatedly and it’s going a bit stale, the pro options have so much that I can really take advantage of.

The Link is Open to everyone now. It was by mistake but all yours fellas

As of now, The invitation link is not working. I will be back with a new link asap. Till then no new comments.

Canva Pro Invitation link is alive now, Comment your needs.

Thank you. I entered using the link and I see FREEMIUMBOX. Is this the group I should join?

No, that link is dead. I will read your comment and will PM you if i find it worth.

I have a Graphic Design business, canva premium will be able to help me earn income.

Thanks @itiseasy for invitation now i can create graphics for my app

i am a digital marketer, i tend to use graphics every day for social media, i need this for my projects

i am a writer and use canva for creating awesome graphics post.

I am your all-in-one digital marketer for the most part. Although I dream of being an expert in everything ranging from SEO to Ads to Graphics designing, I am not.
Tools like Canva, Grammarly, etc. are crutches, but it helps people like me who is not an expert, is on a budget, pressed for time, to make decent content, and saves some money and most importantly time.
So, yea. Having a Canva account would save me a lot of time and effort. That’s the use of Canva to me.

Stay Safe.

Hi @itiseasy
I work in an advertising agency very very small here in Brazil and because off Pandemic we are having hard times, anyway I already have a Canva but is not mine is Team account and as we have 3 persons in agency a Pro account that we could have a chance to have a Team off our agency will be ver usefull for us, you can see what we do, I will not write a link here in respect to all others that possibily have a ad work, but I will give name Imbrazil.
Thank you very much for you usefull offer.
Best regards

Bro, I want to be create resume and photo editing via canva website.

thanks a lot, i wanna use canva to make graphics for my blog, hope i’ll win the giveaway, nevertheless, thanks for your kind efforts

Bro mene puzzle solve kr li,lekin interface vahin atka hai