[GIVEAWAY] Canva Edu Lifetime Invited open for unlimited time


Invitation open for a limited time, I can close at any time

Canva Pro Lifetime


Invited open for unlimited time


Thanks, Buddy for this.

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ok i need one invitation bro <3

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499 team members and you were the only person to have the problem with the link so I don’t think the problem would be the link

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Sure. Why not. A completely reformat by visiting this link.

You know, in a different situation you could be sued for just providing info like this.

You sure u don’t have other tabs or programs open?

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Some unfairly place fault where it does not lie… Others do not accept the faults where they lie.

Links are working fine. I’m sure there is an issue with your computer.

Invited Closed guys :lock:

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Been a good one. Thank you very much @EnvatoDesign