[Giveaway] Avira Password Manager Pro 6 Months Free License

The browser-based Password Manager Pro from Avira bears in mind your passwords and alerts you to your accounts’ security and privacy risks. This excellent tool runs in all common browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux and is also available as a separate app for Android and iOS devices.

Feature Highlights

  • Automatically create highly secure passwords
  • Manage and access your secure notes from all your devices
  • Scan your credit cards from your mobile app or manually add them
  • Access your saved credit cards on all your devices
  • Securely generate codes to protect your online accounts from unauthorized access,
  • Account check
  • Website check
  • Password check

Giveaway Details

  • Product name: Avira Password Manager Pro
  • Website: https://avira.com
  • License type: 6-months
  • Platform: all
  • Giveaway link: click here
  • Download: (Avira homepage)

To get a license of Avira Password Manager Pro without charge, let’s get an extended trial (180 days) of Avira Password Manager Pro:

Step 1. Visit the GIVEAWAY PAGE

Step 2. Check your inbox to activate your trial license.

Step 3. Log in with your Avira account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create a new ID by clicking on the “Register” button.

Step 4. After you have successfully logged in with the new accounts, you will find the free 6-month license for Password Manager Pro in your inventory and can use it.


This is a 180-days license for 1PC
Non-commercial use
You get free updates
You get free technical support

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