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Build Your Family Tree Offline with Agelong Tree!
Agelong Tree is an offline family tree software comfortable for both beginners and pros. The family tree is built automatically using the information on people and the events which connect these people. Agelong Tree software runs under Windows 7, 8, or 10, macOS 10.10, or newer.


Builds family trees with photographs.
Calculates and shows relation degrees in the family tree.
Allows printing large family trees on your home A4 printer.
Allows setting any picture as tree background.
Saves the family tree as a picture for printing or viewing, as PNG or SVG files (i.e. in raster or vector graphic formats).
Allows to choose a root person and build a personal family tree of any type.
Types of family trees include only direct relatives, direct relatives & brothers & sisters, blood relatives, all relatives in one tree.
The family trees can show or hide spouses, divorced spouses, adopted children, adoptive parents.
A family tree can show or hide dates of births, marriages, deaths, places of residence, birth, etc, i.e. you choose what information and what people should be shown in the tree.
Allows creating a person of neutral sex.
Allows storing photographs, videos, audios, and all kinds of documents.
Shows all sorts of statistics.
Can show some statistics under the family tree: e.g. by generations or by the whole tree, number of men/women, living people, average number of children, average life span, age, etc.
Contains an event mechanism that enables it to create complex biographies.
There is a free anniversary reminder application that goes with Agelong Tree software.
Generates lineage lists containing family biographies, which allows creating a family book — a good alternative to a family tree.
GEDCOM import and export allows to exchange data with other family tree programs.
The program automatically suggests data backup, which prevents losing information in case of computer breakdown.
Agelong Tree stores all your data only offline, locally on your computer, and does not send it anywhere outside it, so nobody but you can access it.


Download - Link
Install and activate it with the license key provided in the zip.

Note:- As it is a giveaway software activate ASAP.