[Giveaway] Adobe stocks 40 asset account for one person


Mention the reason why you want the Adobe.stocks and how it helps you?
I will pick one based on your comments.
Thank you for all

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I am a youtuber so any royalty free images will be helpful.

Thank you for the giveaway @jake_jaksonmake .I am learning now about graphic designing, if I can have one of the accounts this will help me improve my skills. Those premium templates and resources could aid me in my workflow. More power and thank you for your contribution.

Hey @jake_jaksonmake, I am YouTuber where I teach students with the help of animations and photos, sometimes it’s hard for me to find relevant photos on Royalty free websites but it’s often available on Adobe, but I can’t buy it.So, if you’ll provide me this account, it will surely help me and my students. Thank you in advance :innocent::sparkles:

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I am a graphic designer I want adobe stock for more relevant images

i’m graphic designer exactly Print on Demand and i need adobe stock cz i have a problem with visual nutrition and I suffer to discover new ideas

thanks all send account to @Sharad_Ji_Shukla

thanks all

Hi… I am a front-end developer …
I need this a lot for editing the different images which I need to use in the websites…
and for PSD purpose…
It will very helpful for me… I really thankful to you for it…

I design T-shirts
will help get resources