[Giveaway] 5 Canva Edu Pro Lifetime Accounts Giveaway

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Get a chance to win Canva Edu Pro - Account for Free Lifetime,

5 Lucky winners will get these 5 accounts

How to Participate :

Like the post & comment below with

  1. Why You Need This
  2. why should I choose you

The winner will be announced after 24 hrs

Best of Luck

*note : winners will get these 5 accounts instantly


if it is possible to obtain it, i would appreciate it, because it would help me in projects for digital media that i have been doing, the pro account has better resources than the free account.

I am not better than anyone here, but I believe we all deserve a vote of confidence, makrting has grown and canva is a great ally for our projects.

"Why you need this: As a high school student, I am always looking for ways to save time and money while still achieving high academic performance. A free lifetime Canva Edu Pro account would allow me to access all of the professional design tools and resources that Canva has to offer, which would be incredibly helpful for completing school assignments and projects. With Canva, I could easily create professional-quality graphics, documents, and other materials that would help me stand out in my classes and impress my teachers.

Why should I choose you: I believe that I should be chosen for this opportunity because of my commitment to my education and my dedication to excellence. I am a responsible and organized student who always strives to do my best and meet my goals, and I am confident that I could make the most of this opportunity by using the Canva Edu Pro account to its full potential. In addition to my academic skills, I am also a creative and artistic individual who has a natural talent for design. I would love the chance to use my skills and creativity to create high-quality work with Canva. Furthermore, I am a reliable and trustworthy individual who can be counted on to follow the terms of service for the account."

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I’m starting my agency and having a Canva edu account will help me build scroll stopping contents for all my clients and eventually bring in more deals for them.
I would love the opportunity if I’m selected as a lucky winner for this offer.
Thanks for your generosity

Dear Karthi,
As you know that canva Edu Pro is an upgraded version of the popular design tool Canva, it has lots of new tools, if you provide me lifetime membership it will help me to create Tutorials and can get jobs through Fiverr, I hope I will be one of the winners

1- because i am student i really need of this for my extra hustle

2- i think sometime you have to choose those people who really need of this

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  • I am a student, and I want to learn Canva Premium features.
  • As a student I can’t afford the premium account, So I hope to be one of the winners


The Canva pro account has more resources than the free account, which would ease my work on many projects.

Although I don’t think I’m better than anyone else in the group, I do think that making has improved and that Canva is a fantastic ally for our projects.

As a student canva has helped me a lot

It will help me more if i get the pro

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So far 80+ people have seen the post but only 10 people have reacted

let me select 1 user for now

Congratulations. You will be the First one to get free canva edu pro account. ill pm you check it please

I currently jobless, having this will help me to start freelancing on fiver, please count me in.

Hey There,

1. Why I need Canva Pro Account
As a teacher, a Canva Pro account would allow me to quickly and easily create professional-quality materials for my students, saving me time and improving the learning experience.

2.Why should I be chosen
As a dedicated and experienced teacher, I believe that I would make the most of a Canva Pro account by using it to create engaging and effective materials for my students, ultimately improving their learning experience and making the most of this valuable resource.

hellow sir hope you are fine i m student i want to enhace my graphics resources to getting canva pro account
thanks for your kind

Why do I need this?
As a student, my uni didn’t give me .edu mail. That’s why I need this.

Why should you choose me?
Because I deserve it.


Thank you for such an offer. I would definitely want this.

I am getting into KDP business so a pro login would help me create wonderful books for kids.
I am not telling that I am the only one who deserve this but you can sure give me a chance.


I need this because I’m not able to pay for the pro I create projects and some poster for my nss work. you should choose me because through me you are helping others too
Thank you Stay Blessed Keep Helping

I would like to have it because I want to level up your design skills.

Due to some unfortunate bullying from so-called 3yr old members of this page. I have decided to pick the winners before the actual time that I mentioned.

the winners are

  1. Aaliya_Sayyad
  2. Muhammed_Hidayathull
  3. Ahmad_Qais_Naseer
  4. RONI

ill pm you the details check it out