🎁 [GIVEAWAY] 4 MASTERCLASS.com 1 MONTH Premium Accounts





I will provide 4 accounts with https://www.masterclass.com PREMIUM subscription on them…

No one should change the password of the accounts I will provide…

Use it to watch unlimited courses for 1 MONTH and if you didn’t change the password or try :thinking: to mess with the Accounts I will Renew it for and Extra 2 Months… Which in Total 3 Months MASTERCLASS subscription


1. You Must Like this Post :blue_heart:

2. Account Must be 10 Days Old

3. What’s the one thing you like about FREESOFF and Why You Need MASTERCLASS



I like the free resources and people who are very friendly and interactive in freesoff.

Masterclass will be very useful to upgrade my skills.

Thanks for this amazing giveaway brother :heart: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


I love this forum Freesoff because it is a helpful forum as Student…
Mastreclass also help me in my studies

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First thanks man for this opportunity. I like two thing about this platform one is giveaway and freebies and second one is supportive members of this website. 100 problems one solution i.e freesoff
Now why I need masterclass? This platform provide tutorials from some of the best entrepreneur of the world. I ant to gain skills like negotiation, creativity, business advise etc. The experience of these Chad help me fulfil my dream of learning about this skill
Hope so you like it😊


Firstly thank you for the Giveaway…the amount of free courses we get as not everyone could afford the courses. Freeoff also helps us to build our skills enough to get paid for the skills we learn from here.

why I need the masterclass… I am an aspiring film maker and it would help me a great deal as I would like to get the classes from Aaron sorkin and martin scorsese. These would help my skills a great deal so I would appreciate it if I get the Giveaway


I am loving FREESOFF like my breath. without browsing this website I can’t passed a day. Here the user sharing their knowledge and premium content educational purpose, where they can’t buy it. I specially like the category from masterclass to develop my skills. 1. Design & Style and 2. Arts & Entertainment.

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The one thing I like most about freesoff is that everyone is super supportive and very keen on helping you. if you post a query, there will always be someone to help you out.

As for why I want masterclass - I live in a small town where hobbies are difficult to pursue since there are no classes here. Having masterclass would really be helpful to me and my sister who wants to learn different arts and hobbies and one day hope to make a career in them.


What’s the one thing you like about FREESOFF

  • The one thing I like most about FREESOFF is the supportive community of individuals who are always willing to lend a helping hand and share their knowledge and resources with others.


  • I need Masterclass to improve my skill and gain new knowledge, techniques and strategies from experts or someone like Garry Kasparov.

what I love it in the forum is to share information and courses.
I want a Masterclass account to follow the Michael Voss course and also some business courses



@Sibijay PLEASE Edit and INCREASE THE GIVEAWAY to 4 WINNER :trophy::trophy:

Thanks :+1: :pray:

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I like Freesoff because I can learn variety of knowledge and skills for free, and also able to discuss with everyone here about things I curious about or help other people. I need Masterclass to learn up new skills step by step from those elites or even master up skills that I have never have.

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I love this Freesoff forum because of it’s the best site for me. I browse this site almost every day because this is a forum where everyone shares their knowledge, and content that helps other. Here I’ve got some premium resources/content that helped me so much & that was impossible to buy or purchase.
I like the masterclass design section because I love design & I am developing my designing skills without taking any classes bcz I am from a different degree. I’m learning by myself using youtube, and some premium resources that I found here. To develop my design skills I also got some premium resources & I’m trying to use that to grow my skills.

There is some awesome course in the masterclass. but unfortunately, it’s impossible to purchase for me.
At the end of the day, the Freesoff forum will remain favorite to me always.

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hey momodu_share,
The thing i like the most about freesoff is the fact that i get premium content for free.I come from a third world country with low income such that the absence of services like this would mean no more learning and progression in many facets of my life, this is true for me because access to educational content is the most important reason of me being part of freessoff.

Why do I need masterclass? well,we are leaivng in a chaotic ,non generous world where we struggle for survival make up the whole of our life span.In the quest for survival we come go through difficult situations that overwhelm our mind leaving us stressed ,frustrated and in the worst cases, depressed.
MasterClass provides important wellness advice from experts, which can reclaim our minds and return it to our mostly desired state.Thanks , for your willingness to share and be blessed!



If you are unable to understand something that simple, I don’t think you can benefit in any way from this giveaway. All posts not meeting these will be deleted.


I just love how FREESOFF gives resources to people without the means of getting such resources. I’ve used FREESOFF’s resources to self study for multiple things in high school and college. I’ve heard a lot about Masterclass and the quality of education that it provides; I hope to improve my skills to the next level, especially chess. Thank You for the giveaway!


i love freesoff because of think like this, a lot of member are very kind to make a giveaway like this, few months ago i got free google drive with unlimited storage and it’s very usefull until this day, and about masterclass i got few videos downloaded from another thread so i think i like to try for a month what it’s feels like to accesss masterclass content from it’s legal source.

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I need it badly to learn skillls

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These are the 4 WINNERS :trophy::trophy::trophy: of the MASTERCLASS 1 Month or 3 Months Premium Account…

  1. @Hakketee

  2. @Moshiur_Rahman

  3. @Fairy_Soni

4 @Electronic_Data_Syst

Please You all should check your PM and you will see the Login access email and password…

You can start using it Immediately both on computer and phone…

Thank you All that Participated…


Thank you so much dude :heart: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: This might help me a lot.

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Thank you very much !!! :star_struck:

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