[Giveaway] 2 account shutterstock 10 downloadable + account adobe stock 40 assets for 1 month. 3 person

Mention the reason why you want the Adobe.stocks and shutterstock how it helps you?
I will pick one based on your comments.
Thank you for all

@jake_jaksonmake I have a youtube channel where I upload regular videos about knowledge and unknown facts. For making videos I need stock videos and images to make my videos understandable. In that case, If you give me these accounts it will help me a lot. If you want to verify whether my youtube channel exits or not then I will give you my channel link.

I am trying to become a graphic designer and the assets will be very much helpful to start my freelancing carrear. Thank you

I am using free tools for my graphic design work and now wants to upgrade it to higher level

In my free time after daily college life, I write in a small blog to polish my English writing ability, some of my articles are about daily travel and related stuff, to increase the quality of my article and to please visitors, I need to add some visual content like HD Images. I think either adobe stock and Shutterstock is a good place to get legal Images for my blog.

Since both have premium vector too, I sure I can use this giveaway to the fullest, from helping to make amazing social media for my blog or for my personal brand or for reference and idea, so get many birds with one quick stone

thank you for the chance of giveaway

Hey @jake_jaksonmake - thanks for hosting this fab giveaway. I run an online magazine and am looking for photographs of traditions which I have never seen with my own eyes. Shutterstock and Adobe Stock could hook me up…

For my upcoming web dev project

I am starting to build my eCommerce store and I need to put good quality pictures for my niche blog post.

Having a Shutterstock account is a great help for me.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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You are right its irrelavant, yet you went ahead and posted it. Use the DM option to message him directly.

Hi there, Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I am a freelance website developer this would be a great help in designing websites for clients.

I want it because I’m learning WEB DEVELOPMENT, REACT in particular and it’ll help me a lot with some of my PROJECTS for my PORTFOLIO.